Saturday, 28 July 2012


My husband took a one week vacation and Mother Nature decided to show herself from her best side. We stayed home, but made a couple of excursions.

The first one was to Egeskov Castle on Fuenen. I snatched this photo from their website:

Our second trip went to the Scandinavian Animal Park, and what a treat it was. Even though not even a 450.000,00 squaremeter park can compare to the territories and areas roamed by the animals in the wild, it was nice to see them with space to move about, and of course the polar bear cub, Siku, was adorable. Here are a couple of photos taken by my husband:


  1. I LOVE Egeskov!!!! And now you make me want to go to the Scandinavian Park to meet that sweet Polar Bear!

  2. You should! Of the two Skandinavisk Dyrepark was my absolute favourite. I think it might be because I had expected more from Egeskov Castle. The grounds were lovely, but the castle inside was a bit of a disappointment, except they had borrowed Titania's Palace from Legoland.