Friday, 29 June 2012

Aww, frightened, fat, smelly, dirty little doggy.

Heavy panting outside our bedroom window woke me up at 03:45 this morning. A thunderstorm rolled overhead, but when I looked outside I didn't see anyone*. I then called "Doggy?" out the window, and behold, there was a doggy!

On with the dressing gown and rubber boots! I found a very scared, fat, and smelly doggy outside at the bottom of the cellar stairs. At first I thought it was scared of me, but when I turned to go fetch some treats it followed with a "Don't leave me!" expression and then it dawned on me. The thunder and lightning.

Doggy was too stressed for treats and just wanted to cuddle, which gave me the opportunity to check for a dog tag (none)**. Afterward I let it in the cellar where it immediately hid in the corner behind the old oil tank, only to rush towards me with a "Don't leave me!" as I headed back up to bed. Poor thing.

I did go back to bed though, and it weathered the night well. My husband said it still looked a bit scared when he checked on it in the morning, but when I went down 10 minutes later it was happy enough, maybe it was just the husband who looked scary?

A call to our neighbour, Christian, who knows almost all the people and dogs in the area did not yield any owners, although he made some calls on my behalf.

After that I called the police, who told me I was the third person to call that morning to report a found dog, probably because of the thunderstorm, and they arranged for the shelter to pick it up. I also posted in the dog group (where members reposted to numerous other places) and on facebook. Also called the local vets who are ready to take calls and help owner reunite with doggy.

When it found out I had treats, it sat and shaked (both paws, clever thing). It also sat immediately when I took out the leash and held still until it had been clipped on.

We then went for a walk, with three squatting pees which made me think doggy was a girl, and then finally a pee on three legs which made me think doggy was a boy.

While doggy was friendly enough, it wasn't comfortable with me checking it, so I did not want to search through all that fur for an indication of gender. I did manage to check its ears for ID tattoos (none), though.

A guy from the shelter just came to pick up doggy, he was disgusted and angry about its weight, so I am guessing doggy diet starts today. Hopefully the owner will claim it. It is a friendly doggy, and maybe around 6-7 years old, so even if no owners turn up, the shelter might put it up for rehoming. This happens after 3 days after the police has put a notice in the local papers. The other option is, unfortunately, euthanasia. :(

I will call the shelter tomorrow to hear if there is any news. Hopefully doggy will have a responsible, law-abiding owner and be microchipped.***

* It's quite bright here at 03:45
** Required by law here in Denmark, but of course it could have dropped it
*** ID either tattoo or chip and a registration in the Danish Dog Registry is also required by law

And here are some photos of the poor thing:

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


I have not spoken much about my writing here lately, not because some advise against publicly talking about the submission process*, but because nothing much is happening.

Most of the time, I wait.

And then wait some more.

So far I have gotten 2 rejections for Arvingen - one standard rejection, and a very positive personal rejection where they encouraged me to send in more manuscripts, but in other genres. This made me almost as happy as had the manuscript been accepted... almost. ;)

Arvingen has now been sent to a 3rd publishing house, which, like the others, have a 6-8 week response time, so I wait again.

A snippet I posted to the OWW from my work-in-progress, Sister, got chosen for an Editor's Choice and got a stellar review, which had me jumping up and down in my office like a 2-year-old in a candy shop. The notification of the Editor's Choice and the personal rejection arrived within 30 minutes of each other, so that was a really good day.

Also, I put all my novel work on hold to write a short story for a vampire anthology competition. I sent it in almost 14 days ago, but have been too busy with real life to get any resemblance of a serious word count on my novels.

I did, however, dust our bookshelves...and found a couple of un-read books! It's like Christmas in July, well...June, but you know what I mean. ;)

* I personally don't see anything wrong with that as long as you are being professional about it, like you would be in any other line of business.

Monday, 11 June 2012


Fighting against some kind of virus, which had better be over soon since I don't have the time to be sick. Of course when does anyone ever have the time to be sick? It's not like we go through our time-managers and exclaim "Oh look, there's a good time to be sick". :p

Anyway, thought I would show you what was inside Isabeau's monster egg:

And yes, it was very tasty indeed. ;)