Monday, 28 May 2012

Isabeau and the monster egg.

We have old Danish farm hens. They are extremely hardy, but not as prolific egg-layers as other breeds. Their eggs are generally smaller as well.

Elora, the lowest ranking hen, lays the most and the biggest eggs. Her eggs are almost the size of the regular organic eggs you can buy in the supermarket, and she'll usually give us 4-6 a week.

Yvaine is the queen and the boss. Her eggs are slightly smaller than Elora's, but she's a good girl and lays 3-5 eggs a week.

Isabeau... Isabeau lays eggs when she feels like it. Usually 2-4 a week. Her eggs are smaller and more oval than the other two's so there is never any doubt about which eggs are Isabeau's. This week, however, she's laid the tiniest eggs, they are so small that they won't even fit into an egg holder. We began joking that Isabeau must be half sparrow.

Here's one of the small eggs, next to one of Yvaine's:

Well... Isabeau must have heard us because today she took revenge with a giant egg! Look at it next to the same egg of Yvaine's:

And here are two of Isabeau's eggs together, the small and the large:

Friday, 25 May 2012

Country Living - Spring!

Spring has finally arrived in Denmark! I wanted to take some photos earlier, but I've been busy planning lessons and teaching a short watercolour course. I had some lovely students, and it is definitely not the last time I'll be doing a 4-day course like this.

But! On to the photos, Here area few snapshots from our garden and field. The white puffs on the field? Yeah, dandelions. The field was quite stunning last week with all the yellow flowers.

At the far edge of the field are leverets, but we are careful not to disturb, and all we "see" of them is mom coming to feed them.

In the tree right across from my office window is a magpie nest and I've been following the construction work and can now see the adults pop in an out during the day. Judging from the sounds, there are babies in the nest already. office is a popular place. Yesterday a pair of barn swallowes decided to start building a nest on the balcony outside of the office, or rather on the wall right above the window, and while I am writing this, one of them even popped inside to say hello, taking a quick look around before flying out again. They are funny little birds, and often sit on the balcony railing while having long conversations with each other. I keep trying to get a photo of them, but while they are not afraid of me nor the cats, they aren't keen on the camera.

Saturday, 5 May 2012


Spring is confirmation season in Denmark, and we've been to two this year. Yesterday was for a boy, whom I've known all his life. His theme colour for the party was spring green and digging through our old photos, I found a baby photo of him wearing the exact same colour, which resulted in a home-made card: