Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A New Year!

...and so full of potential. I can feel it in the air. My brain is buzzing with project ideas, and I've spent most of the January working on them. I don't have anything to show you just yet, but I should have something ready by the end of this month.

Tonight I start teaching art classes again. I have two evening classes this spring. Pencil portrait painting for beginners, which will start tonight, and pencil portrait painting for intermediates, which will start on Thursday. Almost all the students on the intermediate class are from my beginners class last year, and I am looking forward to seeing them, if I know them right, they will have loads of new drawings to show me. :)

And in other news...my husband cut my hair last night! He did a really good job considering this was his first try ever, and that all he had to work with was instructions from YouTube, a plastic comb, and a dull pair of scissors. I'm very pleased with the result, and it saves me a trip to the hairdresser.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that he had a youtube video on "how to cut my wife's hair"!!!!

    And so great to hear that you are continuing with your art classes!!!!!!!!

  2. lol...yeah the things you can find on YouTube. :p

    And I'm really pleased about the classes as well, for a moment there, it looked as if I would have no classes this spring, but there were quite a few last minute sign-ups.