Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The 100K Project!

I have a confession to make.

- "I am a kept woman" -

Or that is, my husband is the bread winner of our family, and while he doesn't mind, I feel guilty about it.

Hence the 100K Project

I began the project December 1st, and my goal is to earn or save a total of 100K Danish kroner before December 1st 2012.

This is not a staggering amount of money. At the current conversion rate it's around 18K USD, and about 50% of a low paid job here in Denmark - that is if I had a full time job, which I don't. In fact, I haven't earned 100K in years.

What am I going to use these 100K for? Well, after taxes there will be around 70K left, and these will go towards planting the garden and fixing the basement. Of course 70K will not be enough to get everything done, but it will be a start.

Our home is from 1954 and one of the rooms in the basement used to be a farm-help bedroom. Therefore it has a wooden floor, which was a luxury at the time, but which has now completely rotted, stinks, and has to be replaced. Also the walls, ceilings, radiator, and window sills need to be cleaned/sanded down and painted.

Once that is all done, I will turn the room into a workshop with a work bench and storage for all our tools, nails, bits and bobs. Right now, these are all stacked up in the basement hallway, taking up space so I can barely pass through if I am carrying the laundry basket. Plus the mess it makes! If anyone were to see it, they would immediately sign me up to star in a TV programme about hoarders.

Status so far:

Money saved: 5000 kr.*

Still 95K to go.


*How did I do that? I bought 600 kilos (1320 pounds) of quality cat sand and got a hefty discount. Of course now I have cat sand to last us for years. Did anyone say crazy cat lady? :p

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  1. LOVE this post!!!
    And cannot wait to hear about your progress!!!!!!