Sunday, 9 October 2011

Home-made ketchup.

Two days ago, I plucked all the ripe tomatoes from our green house. Over a bowl full, much more than we can eat, so today, while my husband went fishing in the pouring rain, I made home-made tomato ketchup:

Cut a cross in each tomato and blanched them to peel off the skin:

Cut off the stem-part of the tomato and removed the seeds, added two peeled red peppers, and a finely chopped gently fried onion. Brought to a boil and seasoned with salt, brown sugar, vinegar, and seasoned to taste with various spices from my spice drawer:

Boil for 15 minutes and blend with hand-blender, taste and season again, and then simmer without lid until right consistency:

Pour in sterile jar, and voila, tasty home-made ketchup:

(I haven't tried, but I am sure you can used canned tomatoes and cut down on the preparation time)


  1. Canned tomatoes just does not seem right.
    Homemade ketchup should have tomatoes from the garden, so I think you definitely did it the right way!!

  2. It felt right! But it was quite time consuming peeling the tomatoes. ;)