Friday, 14 October 2011


Mother Nature is at her most whimsical, balmy sunshine days, mixed with rain showers, hail storms, and night frost. This means harvest. I have been digging up potatoes these past few days, and today I took in the pumpkins.

One single pumpkin seed grew and grew and grew, until it had outgrown its alotted spot, and invaded the neighbouring patch of mint and the potato bed beyond that. The end result was nine beautiful Hokkaido pumpkins. We've eaten two already, but here are the remaining seven:

I will have more time for harvesting next week, as it is autumn vacation, or potato vacation as we call it here because in old days the children would get off from school in autumn so they could help with the potato harvest. :)


  1. OK you have inspired me to plant pumpkins for next fall... it just sounds so simple and I LOVE how a pumpkin plant grows. SOOOO lovely.

    So you will have to educate me on WHEN and HOW to do it! :-)

  2. Sure thing! Pumpking growing lessons will start late April. ;)