Tuesday, 13 September 2011

FOF - Teaching Job.

Earlier this year, I sent unsolicited job applications to two FOF departments (one that covers my area, and one that covers the neighbouring area) and suggested portrait drawing classes. The one covering my area got back to me within a couple of weeks offering to set me up for three evening classes a week, the other department got back a little later and booked me for an evening class and an afternoon class.

And now the new FOF magazines are out. Here's the one from the neighbouring FOF:

And if you open it, there is an advertisment for my classes, "Portrait Drawing for Beginners":


I went to a teachers' meeting yesterday and was told that I have enough students signed up in that area for both classes to go ahead. So school starts on Monday! And I am very excited about it. I still haven't heard from the FOF in my area, but I should know more next week.


  1. Ok this is AWESOME!!!
    Way to go, May!

    Cannot wait to hear about how the classes go!