Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I am expanding my art commissions with interpretations of children's drawings, and this is your chance to get an original, free, piece of art by yours truly!

This is how it works:

- I am looking for sketch style drawings from children aged approx. 3-6 years old, but if you have some great work by your younger or older child, please don't hesitate to contact me

- if you have a young Picasso at home, leave a comment in this post

- I wil provide you with an e-mail address so you can send me photos/scans of the drawings, please also include your name and address, and the first name and age of your child when he or she drew the drawing

- Your painting will be ready in 3-4 weeks

- The painting will be 30 x 40 cm. acrylics on canvas. The sides of the canvas will be painted, so you can hang it up without framing it

The small print:

- The offer is for 1 painting only. I reserve the right to choose between submissions

- By sending me the drawings you agree to let me use them, and the first name and age of your child, for my art and to promote my artwork

- While the painting will be completely free, you will have to pay for the shipping if you want the painting shipped to you. If you do not wish to own the original, I will keep the painting or resell it, and send you a high resolution file which you can print out for private use.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The 100K Project!

I have a confession to make.

- "I am a kept woman" -

Or that is, my husband is the bread winner of our family, and while he doesn't mind, I feel guilty about it.

Hence the 100K Project

I began the project December 1st, and my goal is to earn or save a total of 100K Danish kroner before December 1st 2012.

This is not a staggering amount of money. At the current conversion rate it's around 18K USD, and about 50% of a low paid job here in Denmark - that is if I had a full time job, which I don't. In fact, I haven't earned 100K in years.

What am I going to use these 100K for? Well, after taxes there will be around 70K left, and these will go towards planting the garden and fixing the basement. Of course 70K will not be enough to get everything done, but it will be a start.

Our home is from 1954 and one of the rooms in the basement used to be a farm-help bedroom. Therefore it has a wooden floor, which was a luxury at the time, but which has now completely rotted, stinks, and has to be replaced. Also the walls, ceilings, radiator, and window sills need to be cleaned/sanded down and painted.

Once that is all done, I will turn the room into a workshop with a work bench and storage for all our tools, nails, bits and bobs. Right now, these are all stacked up in the basement hallway, taking up space so I can barely pass through if I am carrying the laundry basket. Plus the mess it makes! If anyone were to see it, they would immediately sign me up to star in a TV programme about hoarders.

Status so far:

Money saved: 5000 kr.*

Still 95K to go.


*How did I do that? I bought 600 kilos (1320 pounds) of quality cat sand and got a hefty discount. Of course now I have cat sand to last us for years. Did anyone say crazy cat lady? :p

Saturday, 3 December 2011

"Dream Cake from Brovst"

I have been remiss in my duties as a blogger, mostly because I have been a busy bee. I will be posting updates of all I have been up to, but for now, here's a picture of what I baked today when my husband asked for cake, any cake, just cake! ;)

Directly translated from Danish, it's called a "Dream Cake from Brovst", and it's basically a sponge-cake style cake with a coconut-caramel topping:

Friday, 14 October 2011


Mother Nature is at her most whimsical, balmy sunshine days, mixed with rain showers, hail storms, and night frost. This means harvest. I have been digging up potatoes these past few days, and today I took in the pumpkins.

One single pumpkin seed grew and grew and grew, until it had outgrown its alotted spot, and invaded the neighbouring patch of mint and the potato bed beyond that. The end result was nine beautiful Hokkaido pumpkins. We've eaten two already, but here are the remaining seven:

I will have more time for harvesting next week, as it is autumn vacation, or potato vacation as we call it here because in old days the children would get off from school in autumn so they could help with the potato harvest. :)

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Home-made ketchup.

Two days ago, I plucked all the ripe tomatoes from our green house. Over a bowl full, much more than we can eat, so today, while my husband went fishing in the pouring rain, I made home-made tomato ketchup:

Cut a cross in each tomato and blanched them to peel off the skin:

Cut off the stem-part of the tomato and removed the seeds, added two peeled red peppers, and a finely chopped gently fried onion. Brought to a boil and seasoned with salt, brown sugar, vinegar, and seasoned to taste with various spices from my spice drawer:

Boil for 15 minutes and blend with hand-blender, taste and season again, and then simmer without lid until right consistency:

Pour in sterile jar, and voila, tasty home-made ketchup:

(I haven't tried, but I am sure you can used canned tomatoes and cut down on the preparation time)

Saturday, 1 October 2011


I have been rather quiet and occupied with classes and writing, so I thought I would share some of my projects with you.

The first is a painting I plan to hang in our bathroom. I have been working on this off and on for over a year now, the reason for it taking so long being me distracted by other projects.

Another involves these gorgeous Imperial Turquoise beads. I don't know exactly what to do with them yet, but I am thinking bracelet or necklace, maybe combined with silver?

Monday, 19 September 2011

First Day of School!

I think it went well once I got past the first 10 minutes of nerves. My students are nice a mix of young to middleaged adults. They were very enthusiastic and even decided to skip the last break because they wanted to draw!

Visible progress was made during this first class, just as I aimed for, so hopefully they went home feeling accomplished and that they had learned something.

I learned something as well. That the introduction and the theory lessons take less time than I had estimated, but that the students need more time to draw than estimated, so luckily with a bit of extra theory thrown in, it all added up. Also rearranged the order of some of the theory lessons because it felt more natural to put them in earlier.

Each class will of course be different and have a different dynamic, but I believe the lesson plans that I have put so much effort in will pay off.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

What to do on a rainy day?

When you have:

1) Pasteurized egg yolks and sugar.

2) Whipped pasteurized egg whites.

3) Lady Fingers biscuits.

4) Instant coffee.

5) And mascarpone cheese?

...obviously the answer is tiramisu! Mix, dip, and layer...

...and sprinkle with cocoa powder:

Put in fridge for a few hours and then enjoy!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

FOF - Teaching Job.

Earlier this year, I sent unsolicited job applications to two FOF departments (one that covers my area, and one that covers the neighbouring area) and suggested portrait drawing classes. The one covering my area got back to me within a couple of weeks offering to set me up for three evening classes a week, the other department got back a little later and booked me for an evening class and an afternoon class.

And now the new FOF magazines are out. Here's the one from the neighbouring FOF:

And if you open it, there is an advertisment for my classes, "Portrait Drawing for Beginners":


I went to a teachers' meeting yesterday and was told that I have enough students signed up in that area for both classes to go ahead. So school starts on Monday! And I am very excited about it. I still haven't heard from the FOF in my area, but I should know more next week.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Rain, rain, rain...

I cannot remember when we had this much rain. We usually get a lot of rain, but mostly it is in form of either rainstorms that lasts a few hours or a steady, miserable drizzle that will go on for days.

These past few days, the two seem to have been combined into heavy rainstorms that lasts for days. Everything is soggy and muddy, and even the dog is not keen on going outside, but I did manage to harvest a little during one of Mother Nature's short breaks:

I have to admit that the idea of being self-supplying is very appealing to me. In an ideal world, I would have free-range cows, pigs, goats, a wood stove fed with maintenance cut-offs from our living fences, a windmill to give us electricity, solar heating, earth heating, and to hook up the old well as a drinking supply again.

All of this is not feasible at the moment. Either it is too expensive, or too much hassle, or both. I was considering goats earlier this year, but I am not up for all the work required regarding ear-tags, registration, matings, transpotation, fencing, and butchering. So for now it is home-grown eggs, fruits and veggies, plus meat from our neighbour who has a small hobby production of charolais cattle that live a happy life on the field across from us.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Country Living.

People often ask me why I live in the country. I think this photo with Greedy probably explains it better than I can. :)

Friday, 26 August 2011

Itsy bitsy spider

This young cross-orbweaver female is probably as fed-up with me as I am of her. She has decided to build her web right across the stable door opening, and I keep forgetting she is there. So for the past days I have ended up with cobwebs in my hair and she's had to rebuild and rebuild the web. My husband thought he would reward her efforts and patience with his wife by taking her photo:

She is a pretty girl. Not as pretty as her older sister which I snapped a photo of last summer, though, but cross-orbweavers take 2 years to reach full maturity, so she has plenty of time to grow into this:

(photos are copyrighted)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

A Nightly Visitor

I found this little guy while taking out our dog, Lia, and feeding the farm cats for the night. Unfortunately we had the panorama lens on the camera, and by the time my squeals of "Look how cute!" had woken my poor husband from his nap in front of the TV, our tiny visitor was starting to get impatient, so we quickly snapped this less than stellar photo before releasing him in the garden.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble

Made a crumble the other day with the season's last strawberries and rhubarns, straight from our garden.

Look at the colour of these rhubarbs. I could have worn them. :)

Strawberries and rhubarbs in a greased pie pan, with an egg from our hen, Elora, by the side:

Sprinkle with sticky brown sugar:

Cover with Elora's egg, sugar, coconut, flour, butter, and baking powder mix:

...and bake:

It looks a bit messy, but it was delicious served with vanilla ice cream.

Today's visual journal post:

Thursday, 4 August 2011


I am so happy you dropped by. :)

I have to admit that I have looked forward to this day with some trepidation. I am really excited to be here, but writing a first blog post is similar to meeting someone for the first time, only I cannot offer you tea and frosted carrot cake, or ask about you to get to know you. And fact is that I am more of a listener than a talker.

But have a seat, lean back and relax. This is a blog about art, writing, crafts, home-renovation projects, cooking, gardening...the slow-paced life, and the joy of creation.

Don't hesitate to say hi or share your thoughts or ideas in the comments! I would love to hear from you.

Oh! And today was another first. A friend and I agreed to start a visual journal. You can see my first entry below: